In the academic year 1993/1994, in accordance with the priorities of NBU to enhance the humanities, new technologies, the arts and architecture, the Department of Plastic Arts was established with faculty of prominent scientists in the field of architecture. The Department follows the models of West European and North American universities and in this respect is unique in Bulgaria. Among its co-founders are some of the most distinguished experts in this field such as Prof. Serafim Serafimov, Prof. Ognyan Shoshev, Prof. Rumen Rajchev, Assoc. Prof. Magdalena Lazarova, Assoc. Prof. Yordanka Chernaeva, Tatiana Georgieva, Svetla Chakurova, etc.

In 2007 with a Decision of the Academic Council, the designers and architects at the Department of Plastic Arts founded the Department of Design and Architecture. The Department has implemented many creative projects. The Bachelor’s degree program in Plastic Arts and Architecture was developed with six modules in the visual and applied arts, including architecture. In 2012 with Decision of the Academic Council of NBU, two new independent departments were founded: the Department of Design and the Department of Architecture.
In 2009 the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency approved a project to found a Master’s degree in Architecture in the professional field 5.7. Architecture, Construction and Geodesy. In 2012 the Master’s Program in Architecture received excellent accreditation grade for a new five-year term (program accreditation document - link).

Since 2012, when training in architecture became an independent department, Bulgarian architects with rich practical and pedagogical experience have started teaching at the Department. The invitation of guest lecturers from distinguished universities is forthcoming. Currently 260 students study at the Department of Architecture.
The liberal idea of education is at the core of the educational philosophy of NBU: The University structure with its three schools, established on the principle of educational degrees as well as the accreditation of the professional fields among which are Philosophy, the Fine Arts, Sociology, Anthropology and Cultural Studies, Theory of the Arts, History and Archeology, Economics, etc. have created the unique opportunity for Bulgaria to integrate the teaching of Architecture into a broad humanities context in line with the best international models.

The philosophy of teaching students in Architecture at the New Bulgarian University includes the following key aspects:
• The changing architectural profession over the past decade in the direction of social, humanities knowledge and ecology - a trend with excellent opportunities for development in the multidisciplinary context of training at the New Bulgarian University;
• The need for expanding the profile of the career opportunities for architects:
  - mainly in the project design field,
  - combining project design with other business fields,
  - the opportunity to hold a wide range of expert and other executive positions in the specialized state and municipal administration;
  - engaging architects in sustainable development and "social diagnosis", social integration and solidarity; cultural roots and the historical context.
The training of architecture students at the New Bulgarian University takes place in conjunction with active participation and architectural events - competitions, seminars, creative trips, etc. (The Student workshop Arch & Urban, the Sofia Architecture Week, etc.)

In 2014 the Department of Architecture accredited two new PhD programs in the professional field: 5.7. Architecture, Construction and Geodesy with an excellent grade for a five-year term (program accreditation document - link).

The Department of Architecture maintains intensive international contacts with schools of architecture and professional organizations from different countries. In recent years the student exchange program ERASMUS has fostered exchange of students with the Democritus University of Thrace, Greece, Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts - Istanbul, the Nottingham Trent University and the University of Ulster - UK. There are also programs in the preparation stage for student exchange training and internships at universities and firms in Italy and the Netherlands, etc.

On March 4, 2013 the internationally renowned architect Prof. Daniel Libeskind, being nominated by the Department of Archeology, was awarded with the title Doctor Honoris Causa of NBU for his outstanding contribution to the development of modern architectural theory and practice and his involvement in establishing NBU as a leading university in Bulgarian education in architecture.


Department Chair:
Assoc. Prof. Georgi Georgiev, Ph.D.
Building 2, Room 508
tel.: 02/8110 508
e-mail: gngeorgiev@nbu.bg


Valentina Popova
Building 2, Room 508
tel.: 02 8110 508
e-mail: vpopova@nbu.bg